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Letter Eleventh To Anne Boleyn

The cause of my writing at this time, good sweetheart, is only to
understand of your good health and prosperity; whereof to know I would be
as glad as in manner mine own, praying God that (an it be His pleasure) to
send us shortly together, for I promise you I long for it. How be it, I
trust it shall not be long to; and seeing my darling is absent, I can do
no less than to send her some flesh, representing my name, which is hart
flesh for Henry, prognosticating that hereafter, God willing, you may
enjoy some of mine, which He pleased, I would were now.

As touching your sister's matter, I have caused Walter Welze to write to
my lord my mind therein, whereby I trust that Eve shall not have power to
deceive Adam; for surely, whatsoever is said, it cannot so stand with his
honour but that he must needs take her, his natural daughter, now in her
extreme necessity.

No more to you at this time, mine own darling, but that with a wish I
would we were together an evening.

With the hand of yours,

H. R.

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