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Letter Fifteenth To Anne Boleyn

MINE own SWEETHEART, this shall be to advertise you of the great
elengeness that I find here since your departing; for, I ensure you
methinketh the time longer since your departing now last, than I was wont
to do a whole fortnight. I think your kindness and my fervency of love
causeth it; for, otherwise, I would not have thought it possible that for
so little a while it should have grieved me. But now that I am coming
towards you, methinketh my pains be half removed; and also I am right
well comforted in so much that my book maketh substantially for my
matter; in looking whereof I have spent above four hours this day, which
causeth me now to write the shorter letter to you at this time, because of
some pain in my head; wishing myself (especially an evening) in my
sweetheart's arms, whose pretty dukkys I trust shortly to kiss.

Written by the hand of him that was, is, and shall be yours by his own

H. R.

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