Letter Thirteenth To Anne Boleyn

The approach of the time for which I have so long waited rejoices me so

much, that it seems almost to have come already. However, the entire

accomplishment cannot be till the two persons meet, which meeting is more

desired by me than anything in this world; for what joy can be greater

upon earth than to have the company of her who is dearest to me, knowing

likewise that she does the same on her part, the thought of which gives me
the greatest pleasure.

Judge what an effect the presence of that person must have on me, whose

absence has grieved my heart more than either words or writing can

express, and which nothing can cure, but that begging you, my mistress, to

tell your father from me, that I desire him to hasten the time appointed

by two days, that he may be at court before the old term, or, at farthest,

on the day prefixed; for otherwise I shall think he will not do the

lover's turn, as he said he would, nor answer my expectation.

No more at present for lack of time, hoping shortly that by word of mouth

I shall tell you the rest of the sufferings endured by me from your


Written by the hand of the secretary, who wishes himself at this moment

privately with you, and who is, and always will be,

Your loyal and most assured Servant,

H. no other A B seek R.