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Queen Victoria

Read about Queen Victoria's biography from various authors throughout history.

In The Days Of Queen Victoria

Baby Drina
The Schooldays Of A Princess
Examination Day
A Queen At Eighteen
The Coronation
The Coming Of The Prince
Housekeeping In A Palace
A Home Of Our Own
Nis! Nis! Nis! Hurrah!
The Royal Young People
The Queen In Sorrow
The Little Folk
Mother And Empress
The Jubilee Season
The Queen And The Children
The Closing Years

Life Of Her Most Gracious Majest

Sixty-three Years Since
The Accession
The Proroguing Of Parliament The Visit To Guildhall And The Coronation
The Maiden Queen
The Betrothal
The Marriage
A Royal Pair
Royal Occupations An Attempt On The Queen's Life
The First Christening The Season Of 1841
Birth Of The Prince Of Wales Visit Of The King Of Prussia
Fresh Attempts Against The Queen's Life And The Death Of The Duc D'orleans
The Queen's First Visit To Scotland
A Marriage A Death And A Birth In The Royal Family
The Condemnation Of The English Duel
The Queen's Trip To Ostend Drayton Chatsworth And Belvoir
Allies From Afar And Death And Absence
Royal Visitors And The Birth Op Prince Alfred
Louis Philippe's Visit

Queen Victoria

Reign Of Queen Victoria
First Meeting With Prince Albert Death Of William Iv
Marriage And Delicacy Of The Prince's Position
Rebellion In Canada
Distribution Of Victoria Crosses By The Queen
The Indian Mutiny
Marriage Of The Princess Royal
The Queen In Mourning
The Queen As An Artist And Author
Civil War In America

Queen Victoria By Browne

A Look Back
Childhood Days
Early Years
Husband And Wife
Family Life
Victorian Era
The Children Of England
Ministering Women
The Great Exhibition
Albert The Good
Friends And Advisers
Queen And Empire
Countries Around The Globe
Stress And Strain
Victoria The Great
Victoria Life

Queen Victoria By Strachey

Lord Melbourne
Lord Palmerston
Last Years Of The Prince Consort
Mr Gladstone And Lord Beaconsfield
Old Age
The End

Queen Victoria, Her Girlhood And

Sketch Of The Princess Charlotte
Birth Of The Princess Victoria
Victoria's Early Education
Queen Victoria Absence From The Coronation Of William Iv
King William Jealous Of Public Honors To Victoria
The Princess Opens The Victoria Park At Bath
Victoria's First Meeting With Prince Albert
The Last Day Of Victoria's Real Girlhood
The Sovereignty Of England And Hanover Severed Forever
Comments Upon The Young Queen By A Contemporaneous Writer In Blackwood
Victoria's First Christmas At Windsor Castle As Queen
The Coronation
Pictures And Descriptions Of The Queen And Her Love Of Pets-
Prince Albert
The First Months Of Marriage
Death Passes By
Birth Of The Prince Of Wales
The Queen's First Visit To Scotland
He Queen And Prince Albert Make Their First Visit To Germany-
Second Attempt On The Queen's Life
Birth Of The Duke Of Connaught
Close Of The Great Exhibition-anecdote
Birth Of The Duke Of Albany
The Emperor And Empress Of France Visit Windsor
Birth Of The Prince Imperial Of France
The Prince Of Wales' Trip To America
Failing Health Of Prince Albert
The Twilight Life After
The Queen's Sympathy During The Illness Of President Garfield
My Reasons For Honoring The Queen