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The First Christening The Season Of 1841


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The Queen's First Visit To Scotland

The Queen's First Visit To Scotland



The Proroguing Of Parliament The Visit To Guildhall And The Coronation


Reign Of Queen Victoria

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Last Years Of The Prince Consort

Countries Around The Globe


The population of the Empire is estimated to be 355 millions of
coloured and 60 millions of white people.


1840. The Act of Union passed. The two colonies of Upper and Lower
Canada united, and a representative Assembly formed.

1867. Bill for the Federation of Canada passed. The various provinces
united under the title of Dominion of Canada, ruled by a
Governor-General, nominated by the Crown. The Central Parliament,
which dealt with matters relating to the Dominion, established at

1885. Completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway, which led to the
opening up of the North-West. The great stream of emigration from
Europe commences.


Australia became a United Commonwealth at the beginning of the
present century.

From 1851 onward the transportation of convicts was prohibited.

The expansion of the Commonwealth has taken place to a great extent
during the reign of Queen Victoria. The majority of the settlers are
of British descent.


South Africa finally united in 1910 with self-government.


Disraeli, in 1876, introduced the Royal Titles Bill, by means of
which the Queen was able to assume the title of Empress of India.

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