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Letter Seventh To Anne Boleyn

DARLING, these shall be only to advertise you that this bearer and his
fellow be despatched with as many things to compass our matter, and to
bring it to pass as our wits could imagine or devise; which brought to
pass, as I trust, by their diligence, it shall be shortly, you and I shall
have our desired end, which should be more to my heart's ease, and more
quietness to my mind, than any other thing in the world; as, with God's
grace, shortly I trust shall be proved, but not so soon as I would it
were; yet I will ensure you that there shall be no time lost that may be
won, and further can not be done; for ultra posse non est esse. Keep him
not too long with you, but desire him, for your sake, to make the more
speed; for the sooner we shall have word from him, the sooner shall our
matter come to pass. And thus upon trust of your short repair to London, I
make an end of my letter, my own sweet heart.

Written with the hand of him which desireth as much to be yours as you do
to have him.

H. R.

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