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Postscript By Henry Viii

The writer of this letter would not cease, till she had caused me likewise
to set my hand, desiring you, though it be short, to take it in good part.
I ensure you that there is neither of us but greatly desireth to see you,
and are joyous to hear that you have escaped this plague so well, trusting
the fury thereof to be passed, especially with them that keepeth good
diet, as I trust you do. The not hearing of the legate's arrival in France
causeth us somewhat to muse; notwithstanding, we trust, by your diligence
and vigilancy (with the assistance of Almighty God), shortly to be eased
out of that trouble. No more to you at this time, but that I pray God send
you as good health and prosperity as the writer would.

By your loving Sovereign and Friend,

H. R.

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