Letter Ninth To Anne Boleyn

There came to me suddenly in the night the most afflicting news that could

have arrived. The first, to hear of the sickness of my mistress, whom I

esteem more than all the world, and whose health I desire as I do my own,

so that I would gladly bear half your illness to make you well. The

second, from the fear that I have of being still longer harassed by my

enemy, Absence, much longer, who has hitherto given me all possible
r /> uneasiness, and as far as I can judge is determined to spite me more

because I pray God to rid me of this troublesome tormentor. The third,

because the physician in whom I have most confidence, is absent at the

very time when he might do me the greatest pleasure; for I should hope, by

him and his means, to obtain one of my chief joys on earth--that is the

care of my mistress--yet for want of him I send you my second, and hope

that he will soon make you well. I shall then love him more than ever. I

beseech you to be guided by his advice in your illness. In so doing I hope

soon to see you again, which will be to me a greater comfort than all the

precious jewels in the world.

Written by that secretary, who is, and for ever will be, your loyal and

most assured Servant,

H. (A B) R.