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Letter Eighth Anne Boleyn To Wolsey

MY LORD, in my most humblest wise that my heart can think, I desire you
to pardon me that I am so bold to trouble you with my simple and rude
writing, esteeming it to proceed from her that is much desirous to know
that your grace does well, as I perceive by this bearer that you do, the
which I pray God long to continue, as I am most bound to pray; for I do
know the great pains and troubles that you have taken for me both day and
night is never likely to be recompensed on my part, but alonely in loving
you, next unto the king's grace, above all creatures living. And I do not
doubt but the daily proofs of my deeds shall manifestly declare and affirm
my writing to be true, and I do trust you do think the same.

My lord, I do assure you, I do long to hear from you news of the legate;
for I do hope, as they come from you, they shall be very good; and I am
sure you desire it as much as I, and more, an it were possible; as I know
it is not: and thus remaining in a steadfast hope, I make an end of my

Written with the hand of her that is most bound to be

Your humble Servant,


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